Experience in 2012

Haunted Historic Locations

In the Chicago land area and beyond - explore paranormal
locations and experience the possible spirits with paranormal
tools provided for your use, a 'Circle of Energy Seance' with
Spirit Feeler Edward Shanahan and more.

You can experience the Chicago land area Haunted Historical
Locations and their history along with the spirits that have
become another historic part of these paranormal locations.

These are not bus tours, but the ability to explore many of the
haunted historical locations and possibly experience the spirits
that are within or surrounding the historical sites you will be

Also you can have your own 'Private Paranormal Night' for just
you and your friends or family at one of three haunted historic
landmarks in the Chicago land area, includes a 'Circle of Energy Seance' with Edward Shanahan.

This on going and changing location tour experience is provided
in cooperation with Historical Societies such as Orland Park,
Worth, Downtown Joliet, Rockford and more as we expand our
coverage to include other states.

Some will be day light tours to allow us access to locations that
can only be visited during the day and of course others will be
during the darkness of the night, depending on the

locations to be visited.

Get your free App / GPS Tour of Haunted Archer Avenue, nearly
20 paranormal locations with photos and the GPS leads you to
each location and all locations have an audio guide of the
historical and paranormal history of the location. You will find it


Haunted Mansion at Night
Haunted Joliet Mansion - from one of our nights there.

Up Coming Planned Haunted Historic Locations
and Experiences Covering The S.W. Suburbs of
Chicago land area and beyond: ....................
Burr Ridge - Chicago Ridge - Midlothian - Oak Lawn,
Orland Pk - Joliet - Justice - Willow Springs - Worth -
Rockford and more Haunted Historical Locations as
time goes on, including out of state locations.

Your Haunted Location Experience Has Started !

* Also providing private tours for those interested *

Click Here for the list and photos
* Dates, The Haunted Locations & Events *

Message from one of Chicago's Top Paranormal Authors:

I've worked with Ed Shanahan for the past three years, and I can
say that his last concern is profiting from anything. He is a lifelong
resident of the Bachelors Grove area and wants nothing but to open
people up to the possibilities of the paranormal. He's a great guy
and a true blue friend if ever I had one. He's doing a great job
informing people about the places dear to his heart, including
Bachelors Grove, the Humphrey House, the Scutt Mansion, and
others. It's a pleasure and honor for me to work with him.

Ms. Ursula Bielski - author of Chicago Haunts books
and owner of Chicago Haunting Tours. 8/2009

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Taking The Paranormal and Spiritual World Seriously.
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Your Historic and Paranormal Hosts will be:
The historic locations tour guides, for the historic buildings we will be visiting.

Edward Shanahan, an individual who has spent his
whole lifetime within minutes of the Chicago land

areas most haunted locations. A Paranormal

Spiritual Observer,
he has been gifted the name
'Sun Ray' by a Native American and her spirit

guides. A Psychic reader and feeler in the Chicago

land area.

Edward Shanahan at these locations, will be other

Spirit Feelers and at times Paranormal Investigators,
to assist you in a possible experience with the Spirit World.

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Edward Shanahan - A Spiritual Observer / Psychic Reader

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We will visit areas where reported Ghosts are, in the state of IL. Haunted Chicago
paranormal ghost tours, for those who love the paranormal from the Chicago land area,
Wisconsin, MI, OH, Midwest and those who are traveling into the Chicago land area.
Your Paranormal guide will be Psychic Feeler out of the Chicago land area, Edward Shanahan.
along with those other Psychic Feelers that work with Shanahan will join him, and
the Worth Historical Museum and other historical societies. These will be entertaining,
informative ghost tours and experiences in the Chicago land area and beyond for you.


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